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Join LMATVThe members of LMATV welcome you to our website. We are a group of ATV enthusiasts who are protecting your ability to ride in the Lower Mainland area. The Harrison West riding area now has a first class offloading site at Grace lake due to the efforts of all local clubs, Chehalis First Nation, ATVBC, and the BC government and is becoming recognized as a prime location for motorized recreation. Without your club at work, this would not have happened, and there could easily be a ban on riding.

The Lower Mainland ATV club is working with others to ensure that there will always be good, well maintained, safe riding areas for you and future generations of riders. Recent efforts by club members during the last year have opened up many old trails in the Harrison and Hemlock valley area. We love to explore! We’ve been working to improve the trails, and along with other stakeholders, have extensive plans in place to turn the Harrison/Hemlock area into a showpiece of trail management.

Thousands of dollars and hundreds of volunteer hours have been spent so that we may all enjoy riding with as little (forest service) road contact as possible. Its fast becoming a world class motorized vehicle recreational area…2016 will be our best year ever!

This past year, LMATV has joined the Vedder Mountain Trails Association .This is an exciting opportunity for us to participate in the management of this muti-use recreation area. Its an amazing group of horse riders, hikers, bicycle riders, motorcycle riders (BCORMA) and now ATV riders…all co-operating so that we may all respect each others right to enjoy the trails each in our own way. We are looking forward to participating in every way possible with this unique group.