How much does it cost to join?
Membership in the Lower Mainland Club also requires membership with Affiliate Club ATV/BC.

LMATV cost is $30.00 for a single and $45.00 for a family, per year, with memberships available for the 2014 year starting now.

ATV/BC cost is $40 for a Primary, $65 for Primary and Secondary (2 people) and $75 for a Family

Can anyone join?
Yes, you do not have to be a resident of BC.
When do you meet?
The LMATV Club gets together the last Wednesday of each month at Harmsworth Hall, 7170- 232nd St, Langley, BC from February through to October.

Check the web page calendar for details and directions feel free to come a few minutes early to chat about local riding/tips/gear or whatever you decide to chat about.

What benefits are in it for me.
As with any club, membership is what you make of it.

While there are some small benefits arising thru discounts and offers, the main benefit is the interaction and social gatherings that take place thru-out the year.

How often are you going to ask me to volunteer?
Some of us, help maintain and build trails for SWATT. However there are many ways to volunteer to support LMATV.

If you want to volunteer, we greatly appreciate the help, and respect any time you may choose to give.

How does the LMATV raise money for its events?
LMATV does several fund raising projects each year
I need to find information on Canadian Safety Council Training.
Can the LMATV Club help?
LMATV has one Safety Instructor as part of it's club membership, and knows of several others in the area. . Please check out our web page on Canadian Safety Council Quad Course.
Can I be notified of an up-coming ride that I can tag along on?
LMATV is using the web site forum for complete information on what, when, where, difficulty, etc.
Are there any conditions to joining LMATV on a club ride?
Yes there are.

These are pretty simple ones though.

  • No Alcohol is allowed on the ride.
  • Helmets MUST be worn while ride is underway (not during rest stops though)
  • Riders must ride in such a manner that no one else is put at risk by their actions.
How often is there a guided ride?
LMATV will be trying to host a minimum of two rides per month to different areas during the spring to fall season.

It is up to you whether you would like to join each ride, and you assume all costs of riding that day, as well as transportation requirements for you and your family members.


I hope this has been informative and answers most of your questions.

If there are any further questions that you might have, feel free to Contact Us.

There are no strangers at LMATV, just friends you haven't met.

Join LMATV  today!