club-ride-etiquettePrior to each ride

A head count will be done.
Leaders are assigned and ride tail ends (aka Sweepers) are assigned. The ride leader will insure he is aware of the riding skills in the group prior to leaving.

No passing unless rider has allowed you to pass by signaling or responding by radio to pass.

When riding

Always remember to never turn off the main road/trail unless there is a rider waiting.
The rule is always to stay on the straight section.

The rider in front of you will stop at a turn or intersection and wait for you to catch up and wave to let them know you see them, and get a wave back.
MAKE EYE CONTACT - Then when you get there you must do the same for the person coming behind you.

Night rides

Lights should be flashed on and off to the rider waiting, notifying that you have seen him/her and are aware of the turn. This is the most important rule!

Those who are more experienced riders will be riding up front, so that they can get off and spot for those who are not so experienced or able.
Once through the zone, those riders are asked to pull over and allow the spotters to resume their positions before moving on...more or less.

Safety is always #1 - Always help anyone who needs it!

The ride leader will stop every so often to allow everyone to catch up and do a count.

There will always be a "sweeper" at the tail end, who will be in radio contact with the ride leader and spotters at all times.

Try not to get so far ahead of the person behind you that you can't see them from time to time. If you lose contact, stop at the end of a long straight section and wait till you see them before continuing.
Never try to keep up to the rider in front of you if you feel uncomfortable with the speed. Always drive at the speed that you can control.

If for some reason you make a mistake and find yourself alone.

Turn around and go back to the first intersection (of any kind) you come to..stop and wait!
We WILL find you.. continuing to drive and not stopping will make it harder for the group to find you.

Always be wary of the person behind you; when getting going... don't spin your tires as you could spray that person with rocks etc.

There is no need to follow right behind each other, especially if its sunny/dusty. As long as we abide by the rules its quite safe to leave a healthy buffer (200 to 500m) between each rider so we can all enjoy!

If you have a radio headset tuned to the ride leader/sweeper, please don't chatter during the ride.  We'll inform everyone of the channel for that day prior to heading out on the trail.

Before Departing

Please ensure that your gas tank is full before departing. That should give you ample fuel for the ride. Always carry extra fuel. You never know when you or someone you are riding with may need it.

Put your head lights on.

Stay on your side of the road ( yes..the right side!) and be wary on blind corners and hills...always assume the "other guy" is an idiot and not following any rules at all.

Obey Speed limits on FSR's 50 km/hr.

You should have 3rd party liability insurance papers with you ( minimum $200,000) and a valid drivers license.
Stop if you feel nervous on the trail and ask for help. No one will make fun of you. We are there as a team!

Lastly... make sure you have FUN !!!