An interesting read and well worth it!

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Bruce L
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An interesting read and well worth it!

Post by Bruce L » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:41 am

45 Essential Gear Items Used on the ATV Canol Trail Adventure

"Nine-hundred miles east of Anchorage, the World War II-era Canol Trail winds through the McKenzie Mountains of Canada's Northwest Territories and into some of the most wild landscape in North America. This defunct oil pipeline, turned dirt road, turned over-grown and washed away wilderness trail snakes from the Yukon border to the rich oil fields of Norman Wells. It's considered by many to be the most remote trail in the world.

Last year F&S Adventurer Jim Baird and Video Editor Mike Shea set off to ride the trail by ATV without helicopter or plane support. Others have completed Canol on ATV beginning to end, but none have done it without fuel and food drops along the way. Attempting this self-sustained adventure, Jim and Mike leaned hard on their ATVs, their gear, and most importantly, themselves.

This is the the gear they rode, carried and relied upon out in the bush."

Who's coming along? And what do you think of the gear list? ... 5925417366

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John S
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Re: An interesting read and well worth it!

Post by John S » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:20 am

Sounds like a cool trip. Too bad they couldn't make it a cross the Twitya river and had to call for help. I did see a video on this and know the tub trailers they used were a little weak, good for doing yard work. This would be one of those trips if we ever did that I know we would be talking about for a long time saying do you remeber when ( fill in the blank with your name ) did this. :lol: Did you see how the Polaris ran like CHAMPS ! :P There are videos on youtube of the trip. Here are a couple.

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