The assualt from Facebook ATVers!

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The assualt from Facebook ATVers!

Post by Coyote_Squatch » Thu May 03, 2018 2:01 am

Firstly, I am an opinionated person.
I know. Everyone has an opinion, which stops at the end of their nose.
But this is something that ‘gets up’ in a person’s nose.
I am speaking about those people who practice the same sport as we.
But they do it in the most careless, mean spirited manner, possible.
These people create Facebook pages, where they launch and initiate loosely
arranged rides and gatherings.
I, like many of you, have been enjoying atv machines and utv machines for a decade, or more. And this latest assault, is something new to witness. The way these people, who have always been the 'bane' of the respectability of our chosen sport, behave in public, is a slap in the face to all of us who aspire to elevate our hobby., and who wish to make it appealing to families.
Now, we are experiencing organized mayhem. Websites created to organize people who have no registered email addresses. No proper names. And no accountability for their actions or rhetoric.
Before, it was just a few jerks making a problem for the rest of us, by irritating the public. Now it is’ groups’ who descend on a launch area, to use it as their own party sandbox. The’ spill over’ now comes from areas which were known party places and have flowed into legitimate launch areas.
I predict hard times coming. And I have to ask, what ’ counter effort’ might be provided by legitimated clubs and groups? It is happening as we speak. Very disturbing. And down the road there will be no place where you would want to bring your family.

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