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june 25....8 hour tour..

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:13 am
by itsmeken
On Saturday John, Greg, Mark, Dean and I, packed up all our trial fixup gear and did the BIG loop up Weaver thru Dax, Chehalis, Chaingang, and out via Walian, then cut over to Hale loop, back over the bridge and home via Simms connector. What a ride! We did a lot of fixups along the way, and while it's no longer a "treacherous goat trail"..there is still much to be done. Chaingang needs to be dug out again as lots of material has slumped onto the trail, and Walian is almost grown over completely in parts...needs a serious trim! Hale is a blast! I wish we had a go-pro vid of that rat race up the North excellent test of eye/hand co-ordination... Simms is also good...long day!
5 in, 5 out and no spills or issues. A good day with good friends.

Re: june 25....8 hour tour..

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:02 pm
by itsmeken
Just so it's clear, Chaingang and Walian are definately not suitable for beginners yet. Passing thru Chaingang, you are riding along a slope, tilted in the wrong direction...with nothing but the abyss next to you. No Way even a small SxS will pass thru without a change of underwear! Walian is heavily grown over near the top and is pretty messy where it was washed out last fall, also the alternate route we cut out in the dark last winter still has a lot of trees that will definately catch a side by side. Note that the upper Walian bridge was put back slightly skewed when the logging Co took the main bridge out, so it's pretty tight but ok for most atv's and smaller SxS's. Once Chaingang is fixed up we'll have to post the bridge width there and think about organizing a fix for that bridge. ( an easy fix but it all requires time and volunteers..)