Easter Sunday ride

Went for a great ride and want to share your day with a trip report? Post here. Please make sure to use the date and area in the title please, so others may find it with a search.

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Easter Sunday ride

Post by John » Sat Apr 11, 2015 5:08 am

What started out as a great day quickly went sideways . After starting my Atv it quickly died and would not run as I turned it over it wanted to fire but wouldn't, a smell came from the exhaust and I soon realized I filled my tank with marked diesel and not marked gasoline. So yes I pulled a Ken lol !!! Thx to Mike and some other campers I got a siphon hose n emptied my tank refilled with gas and after ten minutes of turning over my Atv came back to life.
So Ken , Greg and myself proceeded to the new bridge location to asses embuttments and how to get the bridge parts into site. We soon came up with ideas and have some new challenges before we get to build this bridge.
We then went for a great ride from west Harrison over the walion back up through chain gang trail to the fleet wood and up to hemlock down to Dax then weaver loop finally returning to the grace staging area. Along the way I realized that these routes are in Tough Shape. Much of the topping is washed off and the trails are rock ridden. Much of this could have been prevented had cross ditching maintance been done by all of us riders. Along the way the 3 of us repaired some cross ditches stopping or slowing the water from running down the trail.
When we returned to Grace we had rode @ 96 km. If you ever get the chance to ride with these 2 fellows you will travel at a slower pace and be able to take in the ride your on , not just how far you went in the day , but what you saw and you are able to take in the sites along the way. Ken has a great passion for the area as I do and Greg was a pleasure to ride with. Our atvs ran flawlessly that day ,mine I think ran a bit better after the diesel had run through it and Ken managed to stay upright the whole day. The sun was on us most of the day which made the day even better. If you get a chance to ride with these 2 guys you will be in for a great day. :)

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